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November 2020 

TO:      Potential Market Steer & Heifer Exhibitors 

RE:      Steer & Heifer ‘Virtual’ Tagging 

In lieu of an in-person tagging for those planning to show a beef or dairy market steer or a market beef heifer at the 2021 Erie County Fair, exhibitors must register those animals virtually, including picture submission by Monday, December 7, 2020.  The submission form will close that night at 11:59 p.m. 

The submission link is as follows: 

Required pictures include: 

  1. Left Side Photo 
  2. Right Side Photo 
  3. Rear View Photo 
  4. Front View Photo (must include clear view of identification tag) 
  5. Market Beef Only - Clear, close up, rear view photo of the animal to assure proper castration. 

Keep in mind that all exhibitors showing market and/or breeding animals must attend a Quality Assurance Program with a parent or legal guardian.  A list of opportunities available to fulfill the QA requirement will be available after the first of the year.   

The Ohio State Fair requires all market beef, that may potentially be entered in the 2021 Ohio State Fair, to provide a DNA submission and electronic identification.  The DNA collection will be in the form of a hair sample.  DNA packets/EID tags can be obtained by contacting our office at 419-627-7631.  We hope to receive our packets/tags from the state by December 1st.  We have ordered seven, which will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.  Animals must be registered by JANUARY 15, 2021.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain the DNA packet/EID tag and submit their registration by the deadline.   

If you have questions, please contact the Extension Office or a member of the beef committee.