ALL 4-H families will enroll themselves in the Erie County 4-H program. April 1 is the deadline for Erie County 4-H enrollment. 

If you or sibling were a 4-H member within the past 4 years, you are considered a Returning Family/member

This handout explains 'How To Access Your Family Profile'.

Online enrollment ends April 15, 2020. If you wish to enroll after 4/15/2020 you must complete a paper enrollment form, and mail the form to the Extension Office with a $25 late fee per late enrollment.  Visit 'Forms and Such' to find these forms.


This detailed handout is a step by step guide on how to enroll

After your password is set, you can return to make edits before the deadline by following these instructions:


Follow these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Select 'I have a profile'
  • Enter your family email address you have used previously - if you don't remember what email you used, or have changed emails, please call the office!
  • Select 'Family' for role
  • Click 'Login'
  • Review your family basic demographic information (make changes by using the edit button, if necessary)
  • Click on the Edit button to the right of each person's name
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Enroll for 2019-2020 year
  • You can now update individual member information here - add cell phone, member email, parent/guardian updates.
  • Select the continue button to go to the next page.  You will need to use the check boxes for Responsibility and Release, 4-H Code of Conduct, General Permission and Photo Release as well as typing the member and parent/guardian name into the system
  • Select the continue button again to complete the health form, and then the club page.  Your current clubs and projects will be listed.  You will not need to select them again!  This is where you will add new clubs or projects. Use the continue button to get to your projects to check that you are enrolled in for this year (it will be the same as last year). Make changes by using the 'Edit' button to delete old projects, if necessary To select a project, make sure you have the correct club listed in the first drop down box, select the project using the 2nd drop down box and make sure you use the 'Add Project' button to add the project.  Once your clubs and projects are entered, review your entry for completeness. Make changes as necessary.
  • Once done, select the 'Submit Enrollment' button. NOTE: submitting enrollment means you will NOT be able to edit your projects any more. Only select 'submit' when you are sure the projects listed are the projects you want to take. 

The link below can take you to a short video showing the steps to re-enroll

New families

please follow these instructions on setting up your profile.

  • Go to
  • County - select Erie
  • Email: Family email goes here
  • Confirm your email
  • Last Name: Enter Parent's last name
  • Password: Must be a minimun of 8 characters, with at least 1 number and 1 capital or non-alpha sign
  • Confirm your password
  • Role: Family
  • click "Create Login" and this will get your family login set up.

Here is the tutorial for 'Club Leader Options'.